Angora Goats

Angora goats are a docile animal with a lustrous, strong fiber that yields a beautiful yarn.  It is reported to be stronger and warmer than wool!  But when the two fibers are combined with the Leicester longwool, the combination creates a wonderful yarn.  The animals are shorn twice a year to improve the quality of yarn we sell.  

We have begun a small flock of colored Angora goats. The goats are either black or red with many color variations within an animal. The goats have been producing an exceptionally fine yarn that our local knitters have come to enjoy and request. 

Angora Goats love to eat just about anything and never tin cans. They particularly like the leaves of blackberry bushes, brush, sumac, poison ivy, and garden flowers. They will climb over and under anything in their sight to access leaves. These goats have horns which can be used as a form of protection as wells as to groom and scratch.They are curious and rather quiet animals.

© William Churchill 2014