It has been a month since I have written.  We have had twenty eight lambs/kids born in the last three weeks.  More to go and that is it. I have one ewe, Wheezie, that I have to hide at night with her two little ewes.  She has become the walking  Dairy Queen with a great drive-up window.  Several lambs have learned they can steal milk from her and it is usually from behind.  On close inspection, these lambs that appear to work weekends in the coal mine with faces and heads that are black.  Wheezie will have at least five lambs with her and they are all eating.  Her little ones stay in the barn and wait for her return.  They do not stand a chance to get a drop of milk.  So I hide her at night so her little ones can enjoy a meal and she gets some rest.

It has finally rained for several days in a row and we were August dry and we needed the rain.  The pastures had decided not to grow and now they are all showing signs of rapid growth.

Also, we were given a replacement for the dog we had lost.  Her name is Molly and what a cutie.  She stays in her little section of the barn that protects her from the ewes.  The ewes will smash her against a gate or wall if she gets too close.  She is learning her barnyard proximity.

© William Churchill 2014