Here it is September and the weather has turned humid and hot.  It is almost to much to bear.  Rain?  It was a thing of the past.

The chickens have given up laying eggs.  It is the time of the year when the chickens come running if they spot you. They chase you for a morsel of food.  The chicken coop or yard is covered with feathers and the molt has begun. This is an annual process.  Loosing and growing feathers is normal.  It begins when the days begin to get shorter. The chickens that are over sexed or the chosen few have begun to grow feathers too on their backs.  Maybe after this process ends, they will begin laying.

To continue the feather business, the main barnyard is littered with white feathers.  The Emden geese (all white) have been molting and the main barnyard looks as though Fred and I had a pillow fight over what to serve for dinner.  There are thousands of white feathers on the ground.  Thousands of them.  If I could, I would rent a machine that would vacuum only the feathers and then I would add them to my pillows that need volume.

Good night.

September 3, 2016

© William Churchill 2014