It is time to arrange markets and festivals for 2018.  That is why I watch as many movies as I can in January and February.   It is a busy time once the first two months are over.  March is shearing month and cleaning the yard and garden.  In fact, our first festival is in March.  So back to the movies.

We have begun to go through seed and plant catalogs.  We order now because so many items are sold out before you get a chance to order.  In fact, one order has been sent.

The greenhouse has not been built but the promises were made for this spring.  I hope so because I will not have that many years to enjoy as I seem to add a year to my life every 365 days,  How’d that happen?  Anyway, I will be able to house plants and start my own seedings.  This will be either tragic or fulfilling.  Stay warm.

January 30,2018

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