Just the other day I was thinking about how the barn was doing so well.  Everyone seemed happy. I did eye checks and any eye I inspected was blood red-carmine-scarlet.  Everyone was eating and walking as they should.

Then I went down to the barn one morning (several days ago) and here is what I found.  One of my favorite black rams, Baarack Obaaama, had the diarrhea.  It was everywhere!  I thought of my aunt who told the story of “Brown Spots on the  Wall” by  Who Flung Poo!  It was shot on every wall and floor space.  Then I turned and the youngest Angora buck was hobbling on three legs.  Was it broken or not?  My vet was missing for a two week vacation.  I left the barn and went to the other barn knowing I would not find such problems.  Well, there sat two Angora ewes that refused to get up and eat!  That meant something was drastically wrong.  As I turned, my favorite white Angora goat came to me with one of her horns facing her nose and not her neck.  There was blood everywhere on her and I screamed, “What the hell do I do now?”  Then I was feeding the sheep, I noticed several of the sheep had diarrhea too.  What the hell and which god did I anger?

This is  when I want to quit.  Fred thinks I should write a happy ending but that would be days later when all of these problems are gone.  (sigh)

© William Churchill 2014