This week we shear the goats and a week later the sheep.  Most of these fleeces will not be used for yarn as the winter and the pregnancies hinder and subtract from the quality of the fibers.  These fleeces do have other uses. They are saved for the possibility of being made into rug yarn.

There is something I need to quietly broach, “Farm Porn”.  I will admit that I have seen human porn and I can remember going to see Harry Reems in “Deep Throat” in 1972 for $5.  My roommate from college and I attended the movie after walking passed it a thousand times because we were very nervous about attending such a movie.  

But farm porn is a daily movie on this farm.  Not that I have a projector and screen in the barn but if you raise livestock, you will get daily farm porn.  On any day a hen  will be quietly scratching for a tidbit and have some lofty rooster hide and jump on her back in seconds.  Some chickens are barnyard whores but that is another blog.  The rams and bucks are also male porn starts in their own right. They ram heads or horns and then jump on any willing or unwilling back. Geese do it too.  They get on the back of the female and push her head under the water while he does his thing!  Now that is kinky!

But the result of all this farm porn when planned is so gratifying, thrilling, and a wonder to watch.  Lambs, kids, goslings ducklings, peeps, and all the other little wonders found on the farm are a blessing.  So if you want to give up five dollars, come and see out real-life  farm porn. You may stay for only thirty minutes!

March 11, 2018

© William Churchill 2014