Another raining day on the farm and the temperatures may reach 15 ℉ higher than the average!  The snow and ice have melted and it is a carpet of mud.  I continuously change the area where I place the feeding troughs because after one day of feeding, it becomes a mud pit.  After the sheep eat they move into any pastures that have an open gate.  So the sheep graze and the goats gaze from the barn.  Unless there is something scrumptious to eat in the pastures, the goats will stay out of the rain during winter.

We still have a few months to go before the little ones arrive.  Some of the girls look fatter and especially in the belly area.  Our vet and we are working with a professor of veterinary science from Penn State.  We have had everything the animals eat analyzed and the results will help us decide how to move forward on our nutritional program.  As of today, we have stopped feeding the livestock a red mineral from a well known feed store.  We are giving them alfalfa pellets with the sweet feed. Lastly, they are fed twice a day with sweet feed and hay.  I will keep you posted.

January 17, 2017

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