The birthing season is over and the animals delivered 32 babies.  All are healthy except two  seem to have a respiratory problem.  It is being dealt with at the moment.  One goat, Susan, delivered twins and one the goats could not walk. He dragged his left back leg.  He was taken to the vets where she placed a  cast on his leg.  Yesterday the cast was removed and he wears an ace bandage.  We will see how he does with his leg.  

There is maybe a week left and the barn will be closed.  We clean it daily but it is still smelly and since it has rains daily, the floor can be soft and mushy.  There are thousands of tiny gnats  flying in the air.  It is time to live in the open air.

The coyotes were howling last night and later in the morning, I will check for any mischief.

© William Churchill 2014