What to blog about?  Nothing really.  Life at this time of year is a routine.  We wake up and make coffee.  Read, write or click.  At 7 we watch CBS This Morning.  Exactly at 8 we head down the stairs to get ready for the barn.  Layers and filthy, smelling clothes await for us there.  We trudge to the chicken coop and rams on the house side.  Feed, hay, and corn for the morning meal.  Off to the barn after the cats are fed and unlocked.  I lock up the goats and then Fred appears with their sweet feed.  They are fed and the sheep are all standing near their feed troughs.  Fred hands me the three metal coffee cans of sweet feed and he throws corn to the geese.  I feed the sheep  and then we hand pick up poop in the barn.  We need clean fleeces! A bale of hay is distributed around the barn. Then over to the bucks and kid goats.  Same routine.  Feed and clean.  This routine takes an hour and a half.  Completing this we go for a walk with the dog.  This is done EVERY day!  Oh yes, I say to you.  It is repeated at 4!!!  That is my daily routine and I love it.

Here is a photo of what will come:


January 30, 2017

© William Churchill 2014