It was a great day to spend the entire time outside.  There were weeds to pull and spent flowers to remove.  I dug with my hands and at the end of the day I looked down at them and my hands looked like two, old wrinkled potatoes from the pantry.  My hands were cut and had several thorns in them.  It felt great.

The garden is moving along at a quickened pace. One flower after another announces it arrival, looks gorgeous, and then withers.  It seems to be going faster then I can remember.  Roses are blooming, daylilies, and hydrangeas are next.  I wish I could watch them grow for a moment longer but it does not work that way.

Animals are doing well.  We have begun our rotation in pastures.  When the animals hear that rattle of the chain against the gate, they come running.  Their heads all come up and the ears point horizontally and the sheep look in the direction of the noise.  If the gate stays open, they all come running.  I do not even need to call them as they will all come running.

© William Churchill 2014