All the animals have been shorn and sheltered in the barns.  During the cold snap that lasted a week, we had to turn on heat lamps to keep the ewes and does warm.  The bucks and rams live in close quarters and the closeness keeps them warm.  So far, no complaints have been written by the flock.

We are still working with a professor from Penn State and our vet on our nutritional program. The spring pastures will need to be inspected and record what is growing.  Then we will be given reconditions on what we need to do.

At the moment which is the first day of spring, I might be able to return to my garden and continue working in it.  I actually have clumps of perennials that are out of the ground and were to be replanted but we had several inches os snow. I hope to  return to the garden today.  As I look out the window, I can see the clumps and all of the early bulbs that were blooming and now gone.  That is what I get for procrastinating  and not taking the photo before the snow.  I will wait and take them next year.

March 20,2017

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