Haven’t been here for a while.  I spent  a week at a local lake and it rained everyday we were there except the last day.  Before we left for the lake, we entertained three good friends and two of them stayed for a week.  The week was exhausting but there was much laughter and good food.  

Now I am home weeding like a mad gardener that is having a show in a few days.  I do a section of weeds, cut grass, and run errands.  What an exciting life I lead.

The animals are good.  Parasites are around and I have lost two great goats.  These two boys I found when I returned from the lake and it is sad, maddening, and frustrating.  The vet came and I gave her several clear plastic bags full of poop.  The results were coccidia and so it begins.  We will be catching and dosing in a secluded area for five days.  Then hopefully, it will dry and the sound will be cheap wind chimes from the 5 and 10 Store.


© William Churchill 2014