I have not taken the time to keep this blog up to date.  We have started lambing and what surprises and work.  The second set of triplets arrived a day ago.  What excitement for us.  I will post a video later.  My Sebastopol goslings are in the basement under a heat light.  They came in the mail from Arizona.  There is  also a new born peep with straddle leg. Her mother hatched four eggs. A study on chickens told me to tie her legs together to keep the one leg from going backwards instead of forward. I have chickens sitting on duck eggs and this will be interesting.  I hope it works.  A small kitty was found in an old grain bin and she had been there for many days.  She was bone thin and we have decided to call her Bunny.  Yesterday a rooster and a Guinea hen arrived.  I am sure someone drove by and let them out.  How stupid of people.  These animals are scared, hungry, and confused.  It is mean.

Here is the video I mentioned above and the triplets are two days old.  They are the cutest critters alive!

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