Yikes!  Now I have been absent for two whole months.  Rain was the celebrity of the summer.  It had the leading role and it was a daily dose of this champion weather activity.  Yes, we still have green, green grass and fields with over grown vegetation.  At a recent fiber festival, I was told that the rain has washed most of the nutrients from the soil and leaving the plants with less nutrients.  In fact, it is recommended that we start serving hay to the livestock.  Ours has not been cut as of this writing.

Today we shear the rest of the livestock and that will include six fat rams and dozens of does.  The barn will be bursting of with raw fleeces and now I need to sort, separate, and have it sent to fiber mills.  I have two new ideas that need to be made into yarns.  We shall see.

The yarn festivals are almost over and that includes farmers’ markets.  The holidays begin and then I can retire in January and February.  March is the beginning of a new year and the festival begin then.  I am looking forward to curling up under a woolen blanket with my dog and waiting for spring.  This is my form of hibernation!

October 6, 2018

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