Yesterday it snowed eight to ten inches!  A major snowstorm and yes, it was beautiful but we were not prepared.  The chickens squwaked becasue there was nothing in the coop to eat.  In the barn the loud susurrous came fro the ewes and does concerning their diet too.  That night I had trouble sleeping because I am worried about what we will feed the animals all winter with little hay in the barn.  We need 400 more bales.  The search continues.

One month ago we gave all the animals a copper bolus and a shot of BoSe.  It has been suggested by our vet because our animals seem to be deficient in copper.  Copper is needed by both animls but more for goats and less for sheep.  The livers of our sheep from several necropsies  showed their livers had  very low copper levels.  The copper bolus is also going to help in the elimination of some adult parasites.  Resullts will not be known for a year.

So back to the winter wonderland and I am now off to the barn.

IMG 0552

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