I was in the barn and said to myself, “ You need to write this in the blog.”  Two days later I cannot remember what had happened.  We finally divivded the shepp and goats into breeding groups.  It was an exhausting experience becasue you need to put animals in stalls in a very controlled and organized manner. Some stalls contained both goats and sheep.

 The next morning when I went to the barn, I found a doe in the corner screaming and noticed the ram ramming her.  When I pushed him away while  beating him with a rubber bucket, I noticed the blood and missing horn on the doe.  He must have been trying to “have his way with her” and resistance casued the ram to lose control.  

I removed the doe and buck and they have a private stall.  She has been quiet and very studied in her actions.  Oh, the life of a shepherd can be burdensome. I hope her newbornes this year were worth the struggle she went through!

December 7, 2018

© William Churchill 2014