Another sunny morning and a restless last night.  I could not wait for the morning sun to rise so I could listen to the roosters crow.  The night before I had fourteen duckings senselessly murdered in the chicken coop.  The culprit still remains at large but the evidence points to a weasel.  The duckings had left the basement so they could get aquatinted with the other fowl in the yard.  They had been hatched by hens not caring what eggs laid under their bosom.  A setting hen is a hen determined to hatch an egg.  And so they did.  Fourteen ducklings.  One or two at a time would hatch.

After several weeks I placed them in a  guarded area inside the chicken coop.  When I went to the coop the next day, all had been killed.  The murderer went into the duckling area, killed them, and dragged them up and over the temporary walls.  They put all of the dead ducks in a pile in a corner of the coop.  The killer would just bite or rip a hole in the duck.  If they had eaten them, I would not have been do angry or disappointed.

So it is a new day, and I  hope it is not as sad.


© William Churchill 2014