The barn sits empty and the only life left in it is a persistent goose trying to hatch her eggs and barn swallows flying in and out of any aperture available.  As soon as the hay has been harvested, the barn will need to excavated to prepare for the winter months.  The manure on the floor will be loaded into the manure spreader and spread throughout the hay field.  It will fertilize the plants that will feed the animals next year.  This is a perfect union.

We have had what seems to be daily showers or thunderstorms.  Everything is verdant or a shade of it.  Every shade of green is visible in the garden.  Chartreuse, celadon, Kelly, harlequin, army, ….  The shades are easy on the eyes.  I read a narrative of two gardeners and one gardener wants only shades of green and other gardener other wants color explosions.  I agree with the former.  Because if you really think about it, it is the green leaves we see all spring and summer with flashes of color that come and go.

June 22, 2017

© William Churchill 2014