Lately I have several ewes banging heads.  If I disperse the animals, these head bangers will find each other and begin the banging of heads.  There does not seem to be much research on this  and a fellow breeder suggested dominance in the breed.   She may be pissed she did not get what she wanted for Christmas.

Breeding is over and we shall see what happened while we were not in the barn. We purchased a new red buck and he spent the breeding period with three red does.  The results willl not be in for about 147 days.  2019 will be exciting.  Let’s hope we have an average or ample rainfall so we can have hay cut this year.

Markets have been writing to us and we have been deciding where we are going this year.  My short retirement will be over in March.  And from there it is a try-state journey until the beginning of November.

Wishes for a healthy and safe New Year!!! 2019

© William Churchill 2014