Here it is July 7th and obviously life is quiet.  Today as I sat watching a mother hen and her three peeps, I could not help notice that she always looked for the missing peep.  One peep is probably several days younger and not so fast on its two legs.  The mother hen always waits for her and so I think she must be able to count.  She looks around and counts one, two, and ?  A few good clucks and the little one appears.  So chickens can count!

We had the second small lamb die yesterday. Some of the lambs are huge and a few were tiny.  There were three tiny lambs and two have died.  A vet explained that they may have problems with their digestive systems.  The lamb that died  always isolated himself.  i would find himself hiding by a water trough or a high grass area.  Every time I would go to the pastures, I looked for him and made sure he was problem free.

There were no bottle babies this year.  Even though we had three sets of twins, the mothers fed the babies and all of them are doing well.  Here is to a great feeding program!

July 7, 2017

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