It is 6:30 in the morning and the sun is on the horizon.  The screens in the windows are covered with rain from the night before.  The drops sparkle and  look expensive.  But I am listening to the haunting sound of a large hawk.  He is almost daring the chickens to come out.  

Much earlier this morning around 1, I was outside with a flashlight trying to find a misguided hen and her peeps under a bush located near the upstair bedrooms. Several nights before we had be awaken by the pervasive smell of a skunk that had me breathing under two pillows. The hen had given some loud, peculiar guttural sounds and then the peeps chirping.  I had no idea where the fowl were and in the dark and a skunk.  The over grown vegetation made it a precarious situation.  I was not going to get sprayed like the guard dogs have been so I tiptoed and searched for survivors.  Finding nothing, I left the scene and went to bed.

This AM I did find a wet hen and one peep.  Tons of feathers in her destroyed nest.

One last comment.  A week ago a hen hatched a peep and had interest in taking care of it.  So i have it in the basement.  It is all by itself.  So I found a mirror and placed it next to the peep’s cage.  It was thrilled.  It is livelier and chips at itself all day.

July 15, 2017

© William Churchill 2014