The polar vortex has left and now we will deal with temperatures in the mid to upper forties.  Who’d a thunk it?  So that means we will be dealing with the mud.  Mud-mud-mud!!! So while that is all taking place, we are applying and sending applications for festivals and two farmer markets. September and November are completely filled with festivals and one holiday.  Just so this endeavor is profitable.  

And back to the polar vortex.  It was so cold that I noticed round silver dollar disks in the hay on the floor.  I tried my best to figure out what they were and then it came to me.  It was frozen urine and I have never seen that. That will also tell you how cold it was in the barn. 

 No one shivered this year except for the new buck from Virginia.  He was not acclimated to our temperatures in Pennsylvania.  Biff has survived and I am sure he is enjoying this spring thaw for the week.

 February 3, 2019

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