I know some people think I make up some of these stories but I have a movie of this event.  Everyday around the same time, I take the dog for a walk.  We walk through Jane’s Lane which is a black walnut tree lined path to the end of the farm.  It has a green leaf canopy that shades the path and it is lined with weeds.  It is lovely.  

Then you walk around the alfalfa field and travel up the hay field which is used for the sheep.  It is a short walk and then you are on top of the hill.  The path through the hay field runs parallel to Jane’s Lane.  Charley and I were waking this routine when we were greeted by a skunk.

The two animals barked and hissed at each other.  This continued for several minutes and fearing I would be sprayed, I left and ran down the hill.  The dog and skunk continued their stand off.  It could be heard from the house.  When I reached the side door, I realized I had had the camera in my pocket so I ran back up the hill with the camera in hand.  I thought I could make a great documentary. HA

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