"What to write about,” is a phrase I think about daily.  Things happen on the farm and I do not  write about them because I would be repeating myself.  But then agin, most of us repeat ourselves.  Since we are beyond mid-winter, I have noticed a few things:

1.  The bucks are showing no interest in the does.  There is no more urinating on themselves and constant crying to the opposite sex.  Even the does are more interested in eating and not in lovemaking.

2.  The sun is warmer and feels great on the face when we have the luxury of a cloudless sky.  Sunny days are priceless and welcomed in Pennsylvania.

3.  The chickens have started to lay eggs.  In fact, we were gifted four eggs yesterday and we are still in winter.  The owner of Hines told me the new feed would have the chickens laying eggs.  It did.

4.  The girls in the barn are starting to show baby bumps.  We still have several months to go and I know from experience that the bumps we see are most likely food that they have eaten during the day.

5.  Some of our original flock has died because of old age.  There is one rickety old gal that is fed by herself and is always at the gate for her private dining room.  At this farm, age has its privileges.

The snow is pounding the landscape and it will be one of those days we are house bound.


February 20, 2019

© William Churchill 2014