It is August 13th and the weather has started to change.  Cooler mornings and school will begin soon. The ram lambs have been weaned and there is no concern in the faces.  Just give us something to eat!  There is plenty for them to eat as we have had plenty of rain.  Plentifulness would be a better term.  The fields look as though it is early spring.  Verdant beyond belief.

We have had some horrible mishaps with lambs.  One drowned in the relentless rainstorm and another lamb wrapped herself in the high tensile fence and died.  My yearly goal is to have no deaths but it seems that is likely not attainable. It will always be my goal.

We are still moving the girls through the six pastures every four to five days.  Today is the big move.  Just the sound of the metal chain being unlocked and striking  the hollow metal fence, will bring them thundering toward the opening to the fresh pasture beyond the gate.  There awaits a feast and they will not hesitate to eat all day.

© William Churchill 2014