Autumn is knocking on the door.  I just washed this tired, old body in the outdoor shower last night and it was chilly.  I told my mother it was chilly enough that I had a hard time deciding if I was male or female.  It is chilly!

The chilly weather will get the livestock going. What I mean by going is they will all become horny.   The bucks and rams will know it is time to hone their sexual skills and get prepared for the 40 days they will spend with the opposite sex.  

I hope the electric fences keep them in check!

The garden is in its final glory.  The dahlias are bold, saturated colors.  Red, purple, yellow, white, and orange are the colors we have planted.  They enhance any bouquet that you cut this time of year.  My sister-in-law is begging me to help her plant these beauties in her garden.  I will do that for her.  A few knitters were here today and they remarked how the garden had changed.  It was more lush.  I must agree.

September 11, 2017


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