Waiting.  Waiting.  I go to the barn daily and look to see who has swollen to an almost gross proportion.  That ewe will be delivering soon. There are a few new mothers and they are not as round as their older counterparts.  Ten more days until the calculated date of birthing and then the work begins.

The daffodils are in full bloom and they look great.  The pastures are growing and green is returning to the yard.  As I get older, I have noticed many shrubs and bushes have been planted in my garden.  And it looks great.  

When I first started gardening, I had to have and bought every color I could find.  Not anymore.  The garden has been toned down and only several colors are planted in the existing beds.  Shades of green dominate and I find them relaxing and a very important part of the garden.

My last comment is, climate change has brought two noxious weeds into the garden and I daily remove and try to kill them.  The one weed is called Hairy Bittercress and it is not a native.  Tiny white flowers and when you pull them out, it will shot seeds for more.  Nice.  The blue weed is Veronica and not a native either.  Pretty but grows everywhere.

© William Churchill 2014