Another month has passed and where does the time go?  We have been doing markets and luncheons at the farm.  One week this month we had four events.  Yes, it can be exhausting but we need the money for the livestock.  And we are in the black for the moment. 

We now need to decide which ram/buck will mate with which ewe/doe.  Last year we had fewer girls bred but had the most little ones on the ground.  We shall see.

The cooler weather will begin the feeding of hay and that should change the shape of the poop we find in the barn.  We want to find those round little black pearls and less of the blobs that look as though they could swallow an American city.  Ever since working with the professor from PSU, I watch the animals urinate and defecate.  It is a good indicator of the health of the animal. 

All I know we are ready for the winter months.  The barn is clean and limed.  Hay is in the bays.  Feed in locked up in the metal locker. Water is flowing freely.  Their fleeces are growing and all is ready for the next season.  Halloween in a few days and I must dust off my Little Bo Peep costume.

October 26, 2017

© William Churchill 2014