Here it is November and the leaves have fallen from the trees. The landscape out the window displays  our native shrubs that still have brightly colored leaves as well as the skeletal perennials blowing in the wind.

I attended a cocktail party and a long time friend came up to me and asked how the farm was doing. 

 My response was, “Everything is quiet and this weekend we start breeding.  And this is exhausting.”  

She looked at me very confused with a wrinkled brow and said, "I do not understand.  How could it be exhausting?” 

 I started to explain what we need to do. “We lock all the animals in the barn and then we escort the animals one by one to the assigned group.  But that is after we have decided who goes with whom. It depends on the breed standard, their age, and familial ties" 

She looked at me with astonishment and said,”Oh, I thought you would just open the gates and let nature take its course.”

I laughed at loud and retorted,” If it was only that easy.”

We are two weeks in and I am ready for this to be all over!!!!

© William Churchill 2014