It is raining this morning and will do so all day.  Last night I built a fire and enjoyed its glow and warmth.  Today I will run an errand and do a few surprises for my mother as it is Mother’s Day.  When is Shepherd’s Day?

We have eleven little creatures in the barn as I write.  We closed the doors last night and made everyone stay inside.  It was to be rainy and chilly and even though it is Mother’s Day, some of the mothers in the barn are careless.  As we noticed, there were a few ewes and lambs sitting in the rain.  I went out to them individually and shook my finger at them.  So then we decided to lock them up over night in the big barn.  It will be a stinky, hot mess when I get there.

One birth story I will tell is that Fred and I always go to the barn to check for little ones. We noticed a ewe performing all the signs she was delivering.  But she kept screaming during the process.  So we locked her in a birthing stall and decided to pull the baby out.  I held her down and Fred pulled the baby out.  The mother would scream and gasp as though she was being choked.  When the small lamb was freed, it was HUGE!  A beautiful black female was born.

Another unrelated story is when I was returning from the barn, I noticed a gosling on its back in an  inch of water.  I ran over to it and picked it up.  The poor bird was exhausted and seemed to be dying.  I pumped its chest and did mouth to beak resuscitation.  I would blow into its mouth and the whole body would expand.  The I turned it upside down and the water would pour out.  I did this ten or twelve times.  The animal was lifeless so I left it in a safe place.  Hours later, it was missing.  There are several causes for that.  Then I noticed the gaggle of geese this gosling belongs to. And there with the siblings was the resuscitated bird.  Lord have mercy child!  This is not a brummagem story but true.

© William Churchill 2014