It is already May 23 and the bearded iris relentlessly bloom on this date.  The next flower to bloom will be the peonies.  And then there are the highly fragrant beauties that bloom all spring. This is a great time of the year for me to be gardening.

The barns, however, smell!  In fact, since we have been having nice weather, the animals are sleeping under the stars.  The floor of the barn must be a breeding ground for any creature that can survive in those conditions.  Now to find time to remove the manure.  Anyone care to help?

Markets have begun and sales are great.  There is no bad color or color combination.  I have seen them all and everyone has a different idea of what looks good on them.   No matter what color we dye, it will sell.  Someone will walk up to the booth and love it. 

© William Churchill 2014