Breeding is over.  That mad dash to the barn with molasses water and my record  book is over.  We had an odd season. One older ram did not perform or match his outstanding record on our farm. Only one of his  ewes was pregnant. Most of the ewes had single births. The goats were also disappointing.  Out of six breeding does, only three gave us newborns and all of them had a single.  I have not been able to formulate a reason.

The count would be seventeen animals.  The goats  had two bucks and one doe.  There were fourteen sheep born and there were twelve ewes and two rams.  The ratio of girls to boys was diffinetly in our favor.

We have one bottle baby, Snow White, who I feed four times during the day.  She is usually waiting or sound asleep on top of the dog.  It is so heart warming to see these two unlikely animals become friends.   I am hoping it continues when they are older.

© William Churchill 2014