And so it begins.  We had our first fecal sample sent to the vet and it was diagnosed with the  haemonchus contortus parasite.  Really?  So soon?  We caught it at the right time and the ewe is fine.  But now I am on butt patrol.  And I will need to look at eyes and throats.

Every lamb and kid is growing and eating in the pastures.  There are still some large lambs that will crawl under their mothers and thrust their mouths onto the teats.  It must hurt the mother and some will lie on their stomachs to rest from the what seems to be a violent procedure.

We are planning to use a new medication called Bioworma.  We hope it will help eliminate the parasite problem mentioned in the paragraph above. I should add it will not eliminate it but slow it  down and to help the situation.

July 4, 2019

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