In my last entry, we had sheared the goats. Since then, we have sheared all of the sheep.   Fleeces have begun to return and the faces on the animals have begun to return.   Boxes of unwashed fleeces have been sent to the mills.

     The weather has decided to be 20 degrees below normal.  There is usually a warm spell in the fall but I guess we are going to skip that.  I have planted 200 tulip bulbs and a few other favorites.  The blight on the  boxwoods is hopefully over and the new plants will grow without the blight.  The older plants were removed, burned, and the soil transported to another spot.  Any bald spots in the garden are getting  covered with manure.  Fresh manure from the ram hut is  being used.   And it will make a difference.

   We are not going to have a massive breeding program this year and just select two rams with several ewes.  There will be a black group and a white group.  The main reason for slimming down our breeding program is we have not been selling sheep to other shepherds and the barn is full.  Once we get the numbers to be  more manageable, we can breed more animals.

   Nov. 7, 2019

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