It has finally happened. The ice has melted that invaded our farm.  We had less than an inch but then it would melt and freeze, melt and freeze.  Walking was almost impossible and I have fallen four times.  The animals all had trouble navigating the fields.  Luckily no one was hurt or injured a leg.

This is the healthiest herd we have had this year.  Everyone is robust and happy.  The alfalfa pellets have made the biggest difference in the shape and color of manure in the barn.  We want a black, round marble sized poop that is uniformly formed.  And we have it.  It is most difficult to remove from the floor but it makes me smile.

Our flock is down to a manageable size of twenty and it is much easier for us. There are still four black lambs and three white lambs.  So that makes the total twenty-seven.   Thirty is a good number too.  

I love these creatures!

January 25, 2020

© William Churchill 2014