Getting closer to the end of March and all of the goats have been shorn.  Good.  Several girls are pregnant and how, when, and who is the father is a mystery.  We watched  a video of a buck servicing his ladies through a fence and we have decided that is what must have happened on this farm.  When the kids arrive, we should be able to tell which buck serviced the girls though the fence.

The walls for greenhouse are advancing to the point the structure has a real shape.  Rain is actually damping the efforts of the masons.  So far the footer and cinder bricks  have been cemented.   I troop the doorway just imagining what the interior will look like and what my latest project would be.  The bricks have been ordered and the bricks are called Williamsburg Colonial.  There seems to be a theme developing as the sheep are from Colonial Williamsburg too.  Hmmmmm

IMG 2160

Why do these photos go sideways???????

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