One hundred  fourteen

Through the years of going to markets, I have met and made some wonderful friends.  The knitters we have met are seasoned to beginners and their enthusiasm is infectious. I have been dragging my green scarf around for ages and after talking to another knitter yesterday, I went home and finished the green scarf.

This article above was sent to me by one of these seasoned knitters I have grown close to and love spending chat time whenever we can steal the moment.  The article has several line items that describe her and her knitting skill.  Read and enjoy this article.  I love and will use the phrase concerning color and ‘every eye hungers for its own’ and that is the truth.  Someone will see a color and have to have it. Secretively I am chanting to myself, “ECH! I would never wear that color!”  But colors are a very private and selective hunger.

© William Churchill 2014