One hundred thirteen

It is too damn hot.  When I walk the pastures or walk the dog, nothing is moving!  The plants move as little as possible. If they move,  it is a loss of water.  And we all know, there has been little to no rain.  Plants have begun to wilt and wither. I have seen what would appear to be an autumn setting with fallen brown leaves surrounding a tree. Some people  love this weather but they have air conditioners.  We who do not.  We sit here and sweat or wait for a breeze.  There have been moments when I have knocked over anyone I can to catch a breeze.  

A weather man said that this weather pattern may be the new normal.  I bought a new book on shade gardening which was rewritten for climate change.  Ken Druse is the author of “The New Shade Garden” and describes how gardening has changed in our areas.  Is this not scary? 

The lambs are big this year and there is also a small handful of lambs that are tiny.  One small ram is the most odd looking and acting.  His future is so uncertain because I do not know what to do with him.  It saddens me when the lamb does not have a foreseeable future.  This is another hard part of raising livestock.

© William Churchill 2014