One hundred fifteen

Several weeks ago I had a chance to reconnect with dear friends from Florida.  They live in a gated community and everything they do seems to be gated. They go to dinner and  it is in the gated restaurant .  They  visit friends  and it is gated.  Well I do too!  For me to walk to where the ewes are, I need to walk through six gates.  I live in a gated community too  and my friends walk on four legs.  Honestly, my two legged friends have been known to walk on four legs too because they  were closer to the ground.  There was less chance of an accident.

We will be shearing in a few weeks and then the decisions need to be made.  Who stays and who goes.  Knowing this process, I have learned to divorce myself  from any kind of feelings toward the little ones.  But those dear little faces and they look at you and say,” Save me!”  I always walk away and shake my head not wanting to do anything.  I save the animals I need to!!

© William Churchill 2014