One hundred twelve 

The heat has been climbing higher and higher.  I hate it.  The sheep and goats do too.  In fact, they all cornered me in the pasture and demanded air conditioning in the general area where they stay.  Of course I agreed and flee the scene as quickly as I could. One ewe kept jabbing me with her smelling hoof to make the point.  It is just too damn hot.  I would be more pleasant about the weather  if it would rain.

The ram lambs are getting practice for autumn’s breeding season.  They remind me of a small precocious dog that humps guests.  But then again, the ewe lambs are also guilty of the same practice.  Being a school teacher, I can sigh relief I did not need to stop that behavior when playing kickball.  

Here are two photos of the gang.  These little black bucks are sweet. The sheep are enjoying the day and look how big the lambs are.playing


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