One hundred twenty-eight

The count of animals in the barn has exploded.  Starting with sixty ewes/does and adding thirty-seven babies, we have reached the our limits!  It is certainly a full house.  There are little ones running around everywhere.  In the mornings when I open the doors, the ewe mothers push to get outside to eat but to get away from the little ones.  Their backs have manure tracks on them and I am sure they are looking for a peaceful spot inn the pasture.  eventually the mothers will look up and give a holler.  Their babies will run over and eat.

I have one mother, Wheezie, who last year had become the neighborhood ice cream truck.  Wherever she roamed, there would be a band of little ones trying to steal her milk.  It is going on this year too.  I have been trying to figure out how the newest members to the herd know to choose this ewe to steal her milk.  What is it about her that they know to steal her milk.  Is it the way her teats hang? Maybe her teats deliver chocolate milk. This poor ewe will be followed by six of  seven lambs trying to steal her milk.  Even if she lies down, they will try to get her teats underneath her.  Life on the farm!

© William Churchill 2014