One Twenty-Six

We have been home for several days after attending a three day fiber festival in Pittsburgh.  It was the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet  Festival and Creative Arts Festival held at the David Lawrence Convention Center.  Exhibiting and selling are exhausting and productive. What I absolutely love the most about being a vender is making new friends and acquaintances.  The venders share ideas and laughs.  Photos flew one day when a woman walked around with a bag on her shoulder that read ‘Scum Bag’.  Her misplaced arm spelled a different word.  

We had dinner with Ce Ce, Brice and Helen.  There were great discussions and a ton of laughs! We all connected like old friends to share stories and have drinks. We have made plans to meet again.  The women around us were great.  Giving advice and taking some advice.  It is a festival and it at times is festive.  So we are now planning our next work-cation.  I cannot wait.

IMG 3153

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