Gracious!  I have not been writing for awhile.  The flock has been quiet lately.  The dogs are on their way to be neutered and have no idea what is about to happen to them.  Last night I allowed them to sleep in the barn and as soon as they had finished eating, I persisted and placed harnesses around them.  This is a first.  Grimmy sat and sulked in the corner but too bad buddy.   In an hour or so I will probably drag them into the car to get them to the vets. And then drag them out into the vet’s office.  

Last night a group of young coyotes were screaming in the fields behind the house near the girls.  I would bet that the ewes and lambs sat motionless with their ears in horizontal position.  It scares me and it sounds as those the Indians are attacking the wagons.  

© William Churchill 2014