Seventy five

Fall has arrived and a bit early.  The zinnias are stretching as far as they can to reach the sun.  The dalhias are just incredible!

The livestock is going to be shorn in two weeks.  I am sure a petition will be circulating and signed by the goats and sheep about shearing because this is  the wrong time of the year.  All will need to adjust.   We shear every six months and because it is recommended to shear a month before lambing, the animals  will need to be shorn in a few weeks.  That is the sixth month deadline before the next six months before we lamb in April.

We also went for three days to Seven Springs for the Mother Earth Festival on September 12-14.  It is invigorating and exhausting.  We all pick a lecture that interests us and we all take time to visit other vendors.  The food is great and I love to eat at the vegan stand. This year I ate a mashed potato martini all three days in a row.  Yummy!  We transported four animals to the festival and all behaved very well.  The photo below depicts how we all feel the last day.  The animals are photographed, googled over, fingers coming thorough the fence to touch them, hay in the face from others trying to feed them, and just the lost of the pasture routine.  

It is so nice to come home.


© William Churchill 2014