Seventy three

Last night dining with older relatives, I made the comment that nothing much has been happening for me to write about in the blog.  Then this morning after feeding I always walk around the herd to make sure everyone is healthy and alive.  I noticed one ewe lamb with her fleece out of place.  There were flocks  dragging and sticking straight up into the air.  On closer inpection the ewe turned and she was missing part of her ear.  I was sicken in the stomach and started to try to imagine the scene and feel her pain and misery.  Seconds later the colprits arrived.  Our two dogs which chewed the horn of a goat the other day arrived bounding over to me.  I was ready to smash them into the ground.  I did not and left the pasture angry, frustrated,  and disappointed.  

I called the breeder and we may try seperating the two dogs or trying a dangle stick.  The stick hangs from the neck which keeps the dog from chasing because it trips the dog when it begins to run.  I could have used that in my classrooom on a few over-active children.

August 16, 2014

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