Seventy two

Sorry I have not been writing but I have lost these blogs several times and I am not interested in trying to find or rewrite them.  Not a very good attitude but as much as I enjoy using the computer that is as much as I hate it too.

The pastures grow with vengence with this cool and wet weather.  We had a dry spell for a week but all summer it has rained weekly.  The pastures keep growing and we have mowed each pasture several times.  This to me is a perfect summer.

The animals flourish and fleeces burgeon as the summer progresses.  Shearing will take place in a month and I am sure they are ready to shed their locks.  We have eradicated all weeds that might take a trip on an animal  so they are relatively clean and plant material free.  The heavy rains have washed many flleces clean too.  The grand dames of the field have very little manure on them as that is not what a lady of the pasture sports these days.  One cannot arrive at a smart lunch of clover with poo on the derriere.

August 13, 2014

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