Today, September 7, we will shear all of the goats and a few sheep.  The shearer is a young man and when he leaves the farm after shearing, he goes to do another  exhausting job.  Me.  I am pooped and sometimes will walk in a glazed daze!  The strength of youth.

We are trying our best to keep the flock as healthy as we can.  There is not a trick we have not tried.  The vet told me to pray for a frost and then we all can relax a little bit.  That is all we can do.  Relax a little bit.  

We have had a very dry summer and the pastures are not growing.  I am hoping for a few wet days and a sudden burst of green growth. The hay is in the barn and once the large barn has been cleaned, all will be good.  Then I will decorate the house for the holidays and wait for it to snow.


© William Churchill 2014