There are days I feel immured in manure.

I have always enjoyed alliteration in literature and when I can, I will use it.  Do I use it in the barn speaking to the animals?  No, but I do talk to them daily.  Some sheep treat you with total distain and others come very close for a hidden tidbit.

Breeding is not fun.  The rams may love it and wait all year for it but it has not been the best year.  The animals certainly know where they belong and know the routine.  But the mud, poop, and animals here and not there.  The fear of not enough hay.  Two old gals and will they be alive in the morning?  It can be frustrating and maddening.  But then there is spring!!!!!!

The day you go to the barn and the first baby has arrived makes the paragraph above seem insignificant.  That I know and that I am glad.

Dec. 14, 2018

© William Churchill 2014