Leicester Longwool Sheep

Leicester Longwool sheep are a dual purpose animal meaning meat or fiber.  We raise them for their fleece.  The fibers make a wonderful yarn that is strong and lustrous.   It is durable as well as elegant.  The Longwools have been raised since the early Middle age but it was an Englishman, Robert Bakewell, who through selective breeding developed the characteristics of the Leicester Longwools.  Their large frame enables these sheep to adapt well to their environment.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson raised this breed of sheep.  However, it lost favor with the colonists, leading to their eventual disappearance from North America.  Utilizing the effort and research from the Livestock Department at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, the Leicester Longwools were brought back to America in 1990.  A small flock had been found in Tasmania, Australia.

We presently have a growing flock. Come anytime to watch them eat.  That is what they do best.  They have groomed our pastures to rival any lawn mower company in the country.

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