Welcome - William Churchill and Fred Stowell

The farm currently raises a heritage breed of sheep, Leicester Longwools, as well as Angora goats in the rolling hills of the area.  Their fleece is processed into lustrous, beautiful yarns.  As we are first time shepherds, this endeavor has been a great way to develop new skills and knowledge of both livestock and farming.  Our sense of humor has remained intact.

The farm had been without sheep for a few years, so we decided to research which breed of sheep would best fit with the terrain and local climate as well as our own needs.  The chosen Leicester Longwool Sheep have proven a clear winner.  These  animals do extremely well in our area.  The Angora Goats arrived by accident when a friend offered us two goats to determine their suitability to the farm and to us.  The goats have stayed on, multiplied, and proven a great source of angora wool to blend with the wool of the sheep into wonderfully lustrous yarn.

Both of us enjoy spending hours in the gardens and the grounds of the farm.  We designed and built a large flower garden copied from a late 18th century kitchen garden that blooms from March to October.  It graces us with every color in the spectrum and never seems to disappoint in any season.  Situated behind the flower garden are a pumpkin patch, an herb garden, and a vegetable garden.  We gratefully use the produce and herbs for our own cooking or when entertaining

We offer a variety of natural and hand dyed yarns, all from our flocks.  Our fleeces are processed into yarn by several different US mills.  We then wash, dye, and wrap our yarns to ready them for sale. 

We also have Walk and Talks for $20 and 20 minutes.

Underhill Farm                                                                                               1658 West Loop Road                                                                                     Hollidaysburg  PA     16648

Markets and other venues for 2016:

Underhill Farm at Underhill Farm, December 8-9, 12-5

Market Square, Downtown  Pittsburgh-Thursdays, 

Huntingdon Farmers’ Market, Thursdays, 12-5, 


Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet, March  15, 16, 17 2019 http://pghknitandcrochet.com/

Love of Fiber,  We will be in Pittsburgh on March 16

Raggz Fiber Fair, April 27-10 to 3 in Dellmont, PA

Mid Ohio Fiber Festival June 1 and 2

Central Pennsylvania Fiber Festival-May 18 and 19

Farm Fest,Centre Hall, 


Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival September 28 and 29

Allentown Fiber Festival, April 13 and 14


Common Thread Fiber Arts, Somerset scheduling conflict

Mother Earth News Festival, September 13-15 http://www.motherearthnewsinstitute.com/

Hartslog Day, Alexandria, Pa, 

Huntingdon Fiber Arts Festival- 

Penns Valley Fiber Festival, November 2


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